Regain your livelihood, reclaim your life.

Every facet of the community is an extension of our wellness program. We believe care should be holistic, involving the physical, social, and emotional. We are always working towards a healthy and happy individual, no matter what department, but it all stems from our wellness program.

Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

When residents come to us in need of care, we meet with the new resident and family to determine the best path forward. Care is not dictated, but rather determined by the wishes of the resident and the needs they face.

Care at Carriage Court is broken down into several aspects:

Holistic Care

A strong body is important, but physical health doesn’t mean much if everything else is neglected. We care for a person physically, mentally, and socially, ensuring all needs are addressed.

Care Planning

Care plans ar carefully mapped out through conversation between the resident, their family, and the wellness team. No two care plans are alike because no two residents’ needs are alike.

Personal Choice

Not only do residents decide their care plan, they decide on the schedule in which that plan is implemented.


We live in an age of technological wonders. Let’s put it to good use.

Carriage Court has its finger on the pulse of the latest in technology that can help us care for residents. New technologies not only help us manage crises when they occur, oftentimes it is able to help us prevent them from ever happening.

Carriage Court’s wellness team utilizes this technology to truly understand resident needs. Diagnostic testing is done every month so that the team and the resident can discuss care needs and any changes to reach a consensus on the best course of action.